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Multi-tenant SaaS Application for Domain Name Portoflio Management

Tailwind Alpine Laravel Livewire

DomainBot was created as a multi-tenant SaaS application with a different database per tenant to allow customers to manage large portfolios of domain names they were offering for sale.

The Challenge

The client owned a large portfolio of domain names they offered for sale. They had to manage and synchronize domain availability and pricing across multiple third party marketplaces. Some of these marketplaces offered API access, others would only allow synchronization via a specifically formatted CSV file the user would have to manually upload.

The client asked wanted a single source of truth, a dashboard that showed which domain names they own and what the asking price is. The client wanted an easy way to bulk load their domains they owned by uploading CSV files they download from each domain name registrar they had an account with.

The client also decided they wanted this to operate as a Multi-tenant SaaS application which they could sell access to others too.

The Solution

We built a custom Laravel application using Tailwind CSS, Alpine JS, and Livewire. The application included a unique database for each tenant, as well as a shared database to manage tenants and user logins. Once logged in the dashboard would connect to the database for that user's tenant and show their data. We built a form to manually insert domains as well as a bulk CSV importer.

Domains were grouped into "Portfolios" and each portfolio was associated with one or more marketplaces including any markup that should be applied to the domain price for all domains within that marketplace. We connected to marketplace API's and generated specifically formatted CSV files the user could manually upload to a marketplace.

We added Stripe for subscription billing for each user. Implemented a free trial period and discount codes. And created on-boarding email sequences.

The Results

The SaaS platform was launched by the client in 2021 and they started using it for their domains and sold access to other's they knew. In 2023 the client ended up selling the SaaS to a competitor who ultimately shut it down and migrated the users to its own platform. That competitor has engaged with X7 Media to help assist with moving features we developed here onto their own platform which was also made with the TALL stack.

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